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Who are we ?

Planning and managing an event comes with tons of hassle. You have a corporate meeting or a small get together party this weekend and yet nothing has been planned at all. This is where you can entrust a reputable company like Behind the scenes with event coordination and catering services. We are a team of passionate and seasoned professionals with years of experience in the catering business. We also work with musicians and DJs to provide you with an unforgettable experience at the event. A festive atmosphere along with music can add to the enjoyment of the guests. Every individual at Behind the scenes is driven by the passion of bringing the best to your table.
We work with all sorts of companies incl. Netflix, WeWork and many, many more.


Managing Director - Rafal Zukowski conceived the ideas behind this great company. Rafal is an astute entrepreneur and chef whose quest for success, excellence, and professionalism knows no bounds. With nearly 3 decades of practical experience, Rafal has recorded unimaginable success with prejudice in customer satisfaction, innovation, and accountability. His ambition to deliver RESULTS is unquestionable. 

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