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Advice for planning your event food service

Food is part of creating inspiring events and memorable experiences. Caterers provide food and hospitality at weddings and rehearsal dinners, birthday and holiday parties, anniversaries, corporate meetings and events, baby showers and anything else where nourishing your guests is essential.

Often the first question we hear when clients contact us is often around the cost of corporate catering. There are a few components besides food choice that make up our catering prices, and the inclusions that can maximise your meeting or corporate event.

Behind the scenes Catering strive to provide culinary excellence and service to suit all budget allocations and event styles. If you want to get a custom quote for your corporate event, get in touch.

How much does corporate catering cost?

You can expect corporate catering to cost somewhere between 12 and 90 per head. This will all depend on what type of catering style you’re after, as well as staff hire, timing, and size.

Catering styles

You don’t need to be a Master Chef fan to consider yourself a foodie. We can all appreciate palatable food that has been freshly prepared by accomplished chefs.

For your event, what is the expectation of food provision? Are you providing appetisers and refreshments, or a core meal as part of the meeting or occasion.?

We offer a range of corporate catering styles to suit a casual social ambience or a more formal breaking of the bread. Be as creative as you like with your guests in mind and we will meet you with corporate catering prices to match.

Staff costs


Including service staff is a worthwhile investment for larger events of 20 people or more. Food presented by friendly servers amounts to a great guest experience. It takes the responsibility of food service, set up and clean up away from you.

An experienced team can ensure the event runs to time. As well as paying the team for their work on the day, caterers consider the ongoing costs of sourcing and hiring trained staff for their business and taking care of the payroll and insurance.


High-season event timing is another consideration. Caterers will charge minimum rates or additional charges for events around religious observances, weekends, and public holidays because of sourcing and preparing food and staff-hire costs during these times (double in Germany by law)

Contacting your caterer

  • Venue: If your corporate event is external, confirm with the venue of their requirements to make sure there are no restrictions on hiring outside caterers.

  • The number of guests: Catering is typically priced per person, so knowing the number of guests enables the most accurate pricing in this regard.

  • Sample the food: Particularly for large scale and important events, if your lead time permits, it’s worthwhile arranging a tasting. You can see if the food presentation matches the website images and ensure it tastes as good as it looks. It’s an opportunity to meet the chef, ask questions, provide feedback and see how flexible they are with your event requirements.

Working with your budget


Full-service catering companies will pair your budget with their food offerings to make you a custom menu your guests will love.

There are a few ways you can help your caterer align their corporate catering prices with your budget and not compromise on hosting a quality event or meeting:

  • Budget: Be transparent with the caterer of your maximum spend or budget range. This helps them to plan a realistic menu and service options for you.

  • Catering style: A plated dinner is obviously going to be more than say a buffet or food station set up which doesn’t require staff.

  • Ingredients and food choices: Deluxe and premium options cost more than classic because of the ingredients and preparation required. Gluten-free, organic and sustainably-sourced options also bear a higher price point. This is sometimes necessary to cater to your guest or workplace requirements but be mindful of the potential cost implications.

Your quote should be itemised to show everything that is included. Check to ensure all you are going to need is supplied by the caterer and take out items you don’t require them to provide. Be mindful of all-inclusive quotes that don’t outline the elements and value your caterer is offering. Itemised quotes protect both parties that nothing is forgotten.

Whatever your budget, we will work with you to procure a dynamic event experience.

Why choose Behind the scenes Catering?

Behind the scenes Catering team will take the challenges away from your pre-event to-do list. Our team are experienced in the detailed planning of culinary essentials furnished with friendly service staff on the day.

When Behind the scenes Catering takes care of your corporate meeting or event, you are free to relax and fully take part instead of coordinating logistics.

Our mission is to bring delicious food and impeccable service to all types of events, meetings and celebrations. Contact us today to discuss your corporate catering requirements.

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